The escorts are now classified in different classes

Charisma Smartness AndCompassion Forte Of Top Class Escorts

Summary: The escorts are now classified in different classes. The Top Class Escorts are a class in itself. The charisma and their charm and beauty got the m the top ranking.

The top class among the escorts belongs to those who are the best in the profession that is obvious. But, what leads them to the top is the million dollar question. There are certain qualities ingrained in them that made them the best in the trade. The journey to the top is not an easy thing; it demands something more from the incumbent, and that ranks them to the top tier. The most sought after criteria after the look is the smartness of the escort. A smart escort has the potential to reach the top.

The best quality

The escort profession is not only about smartness. The escort profession is to provide quality companionship to the client. It is all about dishing out quality time to the client; it is all about extending their healing touch and comforts the raked nerves of their despaired client. The smartness is only an element to help them to assess the situation. The smartness adds the finesse, but the escort must have all the basic qualities to be a good escort. The Top Class Escorts are not a special cadre; they simply molded them in a beautiful creed.

The excellent performance

The class of an escort depends on how they are demanded by the clients. The class of an escort is determined by the client, is determined by the performance of the escort.  The look, the charisma and the attitude of the escort are the factor that shoots them to the top tier. There are escorts who are much demanded by the VIPs; they belong to the top class. There are the models in this profession and a few of them by their popularity in the top class. Adherence to the basics and strict discipline is required to reach the top.

The top classification

If you are in the escort profession, then you know the basics. What more you need to practice is the art of information killing. It says that you will remember nothing about your clients detail once the engagement ends. You can recall the habits and mannerism of the client if asked for a second time, but the golden rule will remain. You must practice to get invisible in the crowd if your client needs and announce your presence in style when the situation demands. The secret to reaching the top tier is to resonate with your client and of course, the charisma matters.


Adult Picture Personals – 5 Tips For Success

The popularity of social networks (like myspace and facebook, for instance) have made posting our personal pictures on the internet quite commonplace. Only five years ago, it was a different story altogether; people were more likely to use cartoon avatars than actual photographs. The widespread use of our own personal pictures has, likewise, changed the face of adult personals – where almost every personal ad is accompanied by a picture.

In this article I will give you ten tips for success when using adult picture personals. Since these are picture personals I will, naturally, concentrate on the photographic aspects of such sites.

1: A Face Picture

A personals site is, of course, intended to help people find a romantic date or an adult hookup. Before we consider meeting anyone for the first time we like to know what they look like (hence the reason for using picture personals) but, more specifically, we want to see their face. A body, after all, is a body; either slim, athletic, chubby or obese. A face contains far more character and when we say we’re attracted to someone, we usually refer to the face.

2: Good Quality Picture

A good quality picture refers to both subject (you) and image-quality. Digital cameras are cheap nowadays so try choosing one capable of shooting images with at least two million megapixels. When posing for your picture, try to relax, adopt a natural expression, and smile. People always respond better when we smile, a proven fact any salesman will tell you (and, after all, in adult personals, we are selling ourselves).

3: Dare To Be Different

When using an adult personals site, people will usually browse profiles, before finally selecting one they wish to inspect in detail. You should attempt to stand out from the crowd by being different and you have two chances to do so: your title or heading and your picture.

Choose an eye-catching or compelling heading. A bad example: “I Want A Date; a good title: “10 Reasons Why I’m The Hottest Guy On Here”. The last heading compels the reader to find out why this guy thinks he’s so much hotter than every other guy on the site.

Your picture could stand out by being tinted in an interesting color or have you holding up a sign, for instance. The signs are proven to work very well – people cannot make out the words in a tiny thumb picture and so are compelled to see the larger image out of pure curiosity.

4: Optimize Your Pictures For Quick Download

When you initially take a picture with your digital camera the file size is usually huge; we’re sometimes talking as much as two megabytes or more. If all your pictures are this huge, it will take a long time to download each one, which of course is boring, tedious for the viewer.

I highly recommend adobe photoshop. Open up each of your images and scale down the size to about 600 X 800 and then optimize them for the web. All you do is select an image in your copy of photoshop and then click file and choose “save for web”. You will then be given an opportunity to select the type of file you wish to save it as and also the quality. Always choose jpg for pictures and reduce your quality setting to about 50%. Your 600 X 800 picture has now gone from 2 megabytes, taking several minutes to load, to approximately 50k, taking only seconds to load.

5: Common Mistakes To Avoid

I once saw a personals ad picture with a guy sat next to his Mother. A similar mistake to avoid would be one where you’re sitting beside your ex-wife or, dare I say it, current wife!

Pictures of – how shall I put this? – body parts are so unappealing and yet, curiously, very widespread. Avoid the temptation to take a picture of your appendages; you will not stand out from the crowd, you will look silly, and you will get few people viewing your personals ad.

Poor image-quality is unforgivable in an era of inexpensive digital cameras and yet it does persist. There is simply no excuse for a blurred or over/under-exposed picture.


Adult picture personals are, of course, an example way to meet people off the internet. Why? Well because get to select people who we find attractive; improving our chances of a successful relationship. If you follow the five tips in this article you will put yourself in the top 5% of people posting adult personal ads. Good luck!

Playing Online Interactive Sex Games

Today’s technology is not only focusing on making our lives simple and achieving more but it also tried to make our life fun and exciting. Technology created advancement in gaming and attracted more people and players online especially with the introduction of the new features animation and graphics.

They come in different variation of online games such as card games or sexual twist. Such games can be played with a computer generated character or controlled setting with a theme or a very open-ended type game. Games are made for persons of various sexual orientations as to different races or religion and no matter what type of game there is fun to be had for adults using sex games.

There are different levels of interaction to online sex games available now and are being upgraded and in production. Such game will only require little input to the player and consist more of video-type. The virtual characters can be personalized and can select what they look like and wear, the types of activities they engage in, what they say or the situations they find themselves in. Online sex games are also being used to actual interaction with real persons versus playing to the computer. And it involves a typed of interaction or actual spoken and visual interaction using microphones and webcams. This is the new way to meeting and dating persons while attaining the benefits. Men will enjoy an instant sex as long as they wanted and women can take it slower as to how the men wish it to do and vice versa.

Other games will also allow you to access and update your own avatar online. Although online adult games in no way can replace other social mediums persons may use these interactions to build confidence or to compensate for temporary periods of loneliness. The characters of the online gaming will be able to project a stable environment in which gamers can feel safe, satisfied and in control.

Having to play online sex games does not mean that one is sex deprived or a sex freak., In many cases it is simply used to spice up or complement an active sex life. And sometimes these games are used as a facilitator for cybersex between couples who are in a long distance relationship. Also be used as a medium through which fantasies that they are too shy to enact in real life can be acted out through the internet.

Usually online sex games are made for adults to enjoy with each other and which are different from childish games. It aims for the participants to have fun in an adult way, responsible but exciting way.

Numerology and Sex – For Adults Only!

Sex is important! Through the act we perpetuate the species, our own genetic material, and of course, we have fun. Sex is one of the fundamental drives of the human mind; ask any advertiser or film maker whether or not sex sells. Sex is what I like to call a Sensual Energy eXchange. There are different uses for this energy just as there are different inclinations and preferences regarding this energy. Using the Destiny Number, also called the Life Path, we can learn how to best channel this energy to fulfill our sexual needs. The Destiny Number is your birth date reduced to a single digit. For example, if you were on January 1, 1980 you would proceed: 1+1+1+9+8+0 = 20 and 2 + 0 = 2.

NOTE: Sexual expression is often considered taboo and even those who are ’emancipated’ may have a number of repressions. In order to better illustrate the point we will focus upon the extremes. Do not be surprised if you find yourself experiencing a reaction of one form or another and keep an open mind, use these suggestions to embody your vibration sexually.

1 Destiny: You can be single minded in your pursuit of your lover. Taken to the extreme you can look at love as a contest and your partners as conquests. At times you focus too much upon your own satisfaction and be a little too dominant although, your partners find you exciting and willing to experiment. Sexual activities: You can channel your 1 energy be being on top. Make sure you experience the other end of the 1 spectrum by allowing your partner to ride. Ladies, try red lingerie for an exciting night.

2 Destiny: You are a caring lover who aims to please in any way that you can. You enjoy kissing, hugging, and cuddling. In fact, such things are necessary as you need to feel protected and nurtured. At the extreme end you may try to plan things out in advance and schedule love making. You can be a bit submissive and follow your partner’s energy very well. Sexual activities: Show your partner your willingness to please by displaying your body through dance and self-pleasure for their eyes only. On the other side, playfully refuse your lovers advances from time to time and learn to enjoy the power that comes with teasing. Ladies should consider shades of orange in lingerie and makeup.

3 Destiny: You are an exciting and playful lover with a lot of confidence. This gives you the ability to make your partner feel comfortable with your playful, light hearted attitude towards sex. You like different positions and are likely to have a copy of Kama Sutra on your shelf. You can be so uninhibited that you may make your lover blush! Sexual activities: Activities that allow for the sensual exploration of other parts of the body are ideal such as breast sex and foot or toe sex. Ladies can spice things up with shades of yellow.

4 Destiny: Fours can struggle with emotions, especially understanding the passions of their partner. You are slow and steady and may delay lovemaking to build up the steam. Relationships are very important and you are extremely loyal and faithful. Your sex life can become stagnant if you take an intellectual approach and rely only upon the tried and true methods of becoming turned on. Sexual activities: Turn off the lights and crawl under the covers with your lover. Slow, gentle, and long. On the flip side of the coin, go wild every once in a while. Try making love outdoors. Ladies, green is the color to pull out your sensual side to the max.

5 Destiny: The adventurous one! You enjoy variety and excitement. Spontaneity is a turn on as are new places, new positions and new people! You are attractive to the opposite sex and need mental as well as physical stimulation. You like the ups and downs of passion and stimulation. Sexual activities: You may want to eat from a larger menu that includes oral and anal fun, role playing, and other ‘non-standard’ activities like spanking. Ladies should wear blue underclothes and makeup.

6 Destiny: Sixes are quite devoted and need to maintain the balance and harmony in a relationship. When you find that special someone giving in to carnal desires is a joy. Music, candles, and lighting all help to create that air of romance. Long, very long sessions of foreplay including lots of kissing is to your liking. Sexual activities: Being kissed and licked all over your body as well as massages and digital exploration will suit you just fine. Ladies should wear indigo, dark blue, and black.

7 Destiny: Dreamy and romantic, you secretly desire a spiritual connection with your lover. You can be a little spacey and detached and your analytical nature can produce an almost clinical approach to sex. However, you can potentially reach levels of intimacy with your lover that are beyond conscious comprehension. Sexual activities: Explore such things as Tantra and techniques allowing for a more meditative sexual experience. Shed that ‘clinical’ disposition and use some dirty words! Ladies, violets and purples will bring out your inner beast.

8 Destiny: Ok, you’re a freak. Or frigid. Up or down you’re either almost totally active or passive. You can be a little too wrapped up in the politics of sexual power and wouldn’t mind having total control of your partner. Seduce or be seduced. This attitude can alienate others however, when you make a commitment you do so completely. Sexual activities: Games that allow you to safely explore power relationships such as Bondage and Discipline or Role Playing. Learn to enjoy gushy, overly romantic displays. Ladies, the color pink will help you balance out your sexual urges.

9 Destiny: You can be so empathetic that you become a doormat. But, you enjoy helping your lover and often put your own needs on the backburner. But when they finally build up, watch out! Your passion can be volcanic and you lover can unexpectedly find that your quiet nature has become quite demanding. And exciting. Sexual activities: Anything that allows for mutual selfless pleasure such as sixty-nine or mutual masturbation. Ladies should try brown, bronze and chocolate colors in makeup and lingerie.

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How to Clean Your Adult Toys Properly

When you finish using your adult toys, you need to spend a few minutes cleaning your them to prevent germs clustering and multiplying. The last thing you want is a trip to the hospital because you have an infection from using a dirty vibrator. That one is kind of hard to explain to your relatives who want to know why you are in the hospital!

It is quite simple to take care of your ladies sex toys, especially your vibrator. If you purchase a waterproof vibrator, it is even easier. You can simply wash your vibrator in warm water. Give it a thorough cleansing in warm, soapy water. Always finish off the cleaning with a thorough wipe over using antibacterial wipes. However, if you do not have a waterproof vibrator, you still need to get your vibrator clean.

Take a tissue and wipe off the obvious places where lubricant, jelly, or your vaginal discharge can collect on your toy. You may need several tissues to clean it. Next, use a damp cloth to wipe over the toy. Make sure the cloth is not too damp or is not dripping wet, especially if your vibrator is not waterproof. You may want to dampen just a corner of a cloth and use the section next to that corner to wipe over your adult sex toy.

If you have a sex toy that has movable parts, or attachments you can disconnect, make sure you wipe the it in all the areas by moving the parts or disconnecting the attachments and wiping them separately. You do not want to miss cleaning any part of your ladies sex toy.

Finally, use antibacterial wipes to wipe over every part of your vibrator. The antibacterial wipes will remove any germs or bacteria on your vibrator that could grow if left in a warm place, such as a sock or underwear drawer.

Before you put your toy away for use next time, you need to make sure it is completely dry. Putting away a wet or even slightly moist sex toy will give any bacteria a perfect breeding environment, and this is just what you need to prevent.

When you store your sex toy, it is best to put it in a box or a plastic bag. This will prevent cross contamination and dust settling on the toy in your drawer. If you have an airtight container, that will be the best storage place for your adult sex toy.

Remember that you use your sex toys or ladies vibrators in the most intimate places in your body and you do not want to cause yourself an infection by using a dirty or dusty sex toy. Regular cleaning and good storage of your sex toy will prevent any disasters. You will have your vibrator ready to use whenever you need it.

Sex Addiction Stereotypes

Sex addiction is a widely misunderstood disease. As a result there are many stereotypes associated with the addiction. If any progress is to be made in raising public awareness about sexual addiction, it is important to understand those stereotypes and debunk them as much as possible. Most people genuinely don’t understand how someone can be addicted to sex. Many people do not have a healthy understanding of sex due to lack of education and sex used as a marketing tool. Because every healthy adult has a strong desire for sex, many people just assume that sex addiction is an excuse for reckless sexual activity.

Stereotype 1 – Only men are sex addicts.
While this is a commonly held stereotype, it simply is not true. Although there may be fewer women in treatment for sex addiction, women can be and are sex addicts. Robert Weiss, director of the Sexual Recovery Institute in Los Angeles, states that up to 12 percent of people who seek out help at the Institute are women. However, Weiss believes that many more women suffer in silence out of fear to come forward.

He suggests that “women may not address their problems with sexual addiction because media stories indicate it is a male problem, showing men engaging in behaviors like affairs, obsessive sexting and online pornography. Additionally, women may be more likely than men to respond to stress or negative emotions with addictive behaviors such as overeating, spending too much or abusing drugs or alcohol – but few research studies have explored the connection between women and sexual addiction.”

Therefore it is clear that this stereotype is false and may actually cause some women to stay hidden with their addiction. It is easy to understand how a woman who is suffering from addiction would be reluctant to come forward when she believes that it is abnormal for a woman to be suffering from a stereotypically male addiction.

Stereotype 2 – Sex addiction isn’t a real addiction.
There are plenty of people who think that sexual addiction isn’t a legitimate addiction. Often this stereotype exists because people find it hard to believe that someone can be addicted to sex and sexual activity. Instead, they believe that these people are just lacking in morals or in the ability to control their desires. However, the medical profession is making progress in defining and outlining the symptoms of this poorly understood addiction.

It is important for people to understand that sex addiction is very similar to drug or alcohol addiction. While it is less understood by the general public, the symptoms are very similar. In fact, many sexual addiction recovery programs have adapted their 12 step program from the one used in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Stereotype 3 – Sex addicts love sex and sexual activities.
Healthy adults naturally love sex and sexual activities. It is just part of the natural order of things. A common stereotype about sex addicts is that they love sex more than normal healthy people do. The opposite is actually true. Those struggling with sex addiction actually do not enjoy sex that much and they do it out of a compulsion. They don’t love it and in many cases they have a strong desire to stop the sexual activities that are driving their addiction.

People with an addiction cannot stop their behavior, even when faced with severe consequences. It is important for the public to go beyond their understanding of sex as a pleasurable activity and look at it as something that sex addicts need to continue doing to fuel their addiction. The addicts often feel a strong sense of guilt, shame and embarrassment for their actions. They are not proud of what they are doing and often go to great lengths to hide their addiction until they reach the breaking point and seek out help.

Stereotype 4 – Sexual addiction is just an excuse for inappropriate behavior.
This stereotype is often reinforced by stories that people hear. For example, say a husband has had multiple affairs, lost his job and left his family to face a devastating break-up and financial ruin. The claim is that he is a sex addict. Others who are looking at the situation tend to believe that he is just using that as an excuse for his actions. It is a common assumption and honestly one that is understandable from the viewpoint of an outsider.

However, this person has likely gone through a severe inner struggle with his addiction and come to a point where he is seeking help. While his life may be in ruins, if he seeks help he can take the first steps towards a lifelong recovery process. Some men may try to use sex addiction as an excuse for affairs, but a genuine sex addiction is real and is certainly not just an excuse for inappropriate behavior.